November 12, 2012


Social media is no longer the domain of playful conversations about everyday life. It’s where real business is accomplished daily. Understand why your next step as a professional or executive is becoming a social executive.  

 Building and maintaining networks has always been an important part of business and now executives are becoming social executives. While networking for executives may still involve face-to-face relationships, today’s strategy is shifting to social media because of its global reach, focus and efficiency. The Social Executive explains why social media is an essential professional investment, and how to get moving on building your own professional platform online.

This book shows you how to:

  • understand key social media platforms, what they’re used for, and why
  • nurture the right relationships online
  • formulate a strategy that will give you a constant global social media presence
  • share ideas and information online with key colleagues and clients
  • grow your online influence while maintaining a busy schedule
  • use key social media platforms including LinkedIn, Twitter and Google+.

Discover vital information about social media and utilise key online networking tools to increase your visibility, showcase your reputation, connect with others, and find new business.
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