Keynote Speaker

I’m passionate about speaking to audiences on the game changer for leadership and business – social media.

Social media shakes the way we do business to the core – strategy, sales, customer service, marketing and research.

I love keynoting at international, national and company conferences as much as engaging directly and deeply with Boards, leadership groups and professionals.

I’ve been a professional speaker since 2009 and I hope my testimonials speak for themselves.


These keynotes are a sample of what I talk about. I prepare detailed, industry-specific insights into social business on what it is, how it’s used, opportunities, risks, social media governance and law.

Social leadership is mission-critical – social CEOs positively shape business reputation and are more trusted. Social fluency is must-have leadership skills for all senior executives. In this talk I present the business case for social and what a social C-suite looks like.

Every business is a social business – you may have done well without social media but the billion consumers coming onto the market have never lived without it. If you aren’t online you’re irrelevant. In this talk I discuss how social has changed the way business is searched, found and trusted and how to capture new and existing markets.

You are the enemy of business if you believe these social media myths – if you think social media is a fad, for posting photos of lunch, for geeks or young people or that there’s no ROI you’re hurting your business.

On boarding a social Board – if a tweet can cause the share price to plummet managing it’s not for the marketing intern. What 10 things should you demand of the CEO to ensure you properly leverage opportunities and manage risks?

Socialurgency – have you secured your digital and social media assets? Are you prepared to manage a crisis that breaks out online? Do you the key differences between old-school crisis manage and putting out social fire? In this talk I go through case studies that show how deeply social has impacted how, and how fast, we deal with online risk.

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