How to make your content stand out from the crowd

How to make your content stand out from the crowd This post will have its hand up today with 2 million others and 27 million pieces of content yelling ‘pick me’. Enormous figures and they’re growing. According to Mark Schaeffer, the amount of web-based content we consume is doubling every 9 to 24 months so[…]

How to manage the blurring of personal and professional brand on social media

When I spoke at the Social Media Risk Reputation forum the most frequently asked question was how to manage the blurring of professional and personal brand. Specifically, delegates wanted to know if they should ‘allow’ C-suites or internal experts to engage on platforms and if so, whether to do so from personal or corporate accounts. Although there are[…]

Social media influences investors and that influence is growing fast

Investors are influenced by research they find on social media and its importance will grow as younger players inherit, work and look for opportunities to invest. According to Cogent Research of the 90% of high net worth people who use social media, 73% spend it on LinkedIn, Facebook, Google+ and Twitter making up the rest. They use[…]

LinkedIn is an economic and influence powerhouse, not a place to put your CV

If you think LinkedIn is just a good ‘place to put your CV’ than you are missing out on the platform’s huge business benefits and potential. LinkedIn is a powerhouse of economic data that can predict and fill skills gaps, uncover rare, high-demand talent and is now one biggest publishing houses in the world. With[…]