Why a CEO must use social media

Chief executives may not want to be on social media but their people, customers and shareholders sure wish they were there. Numerous reports confirm that a social CEO positively impacts perceptions of trust, reputation and engagement. According to surveys: Weber Shandwick – in 2013 found 76% of executives want the CEO to be social, up[…]

How to manage the blurring of personal & professional brand on social media

When I spoke at the Social Media Risk Reputation forum the most frequently asked question was how to manage the blurring of professional and personal brand. Specifically, delegates wanted to know if they should ‘allow’ C-suites or internal experts to engage on platforms and if so, whether to do so from personal or corporate accounts. Although there are[…]

Scrub up, stand out & explode your professional brand – LinkedIn Masterclasses

LinkedIn is an economic and influence powerhouse, a powerhouse of data, connections and content that you can use to position yourself and your business, all of which starts with a smart, optimised profile. But signing up to LinkedIn without doing anything is like going to a networking event and standing in the corner. To make it[…]

‘I don’t know’ – uncertainty as a platform for growth

When ‘leadership’ is confused with ‘the need to know everything’ it can lead to cultures of bluff where people feel it’s more important to give a response (including a wrong one) than acknowledge doubt. Instead, these three simple words from a leader can establish a very different context: I don’t know. “I don’t know” puts[…]

LinkedIn is an economic and influence powerhouse not a place to put your CV

Misunderstood as a good ‘place to put your CV’ LinkedIn is instead a powerhouse of economic data that can predict and fill skills gaps, uncover rare, high-demand talent and is now one biggest publishing house in the world with its 380-million readership, strangely enough creating sales spikes for traditional publishers. Equity raisings have been done[…]

Is a lack of social media in HR negligent?

Social media impacts the employment life cycle from pre-employment to recruitment, training and dismissal and every tier of business strategy from product development, marketing, sales and customer service. The chief human resources officer (CHRO) must have a strategic understanding of how social media is being used through the whole life cycle of employment including: Pre-employment[…]

Social media influences investors and that influence is growing fast

 This post first appeared on Forbes and is republished here with additional detail, updated data and case examples for 2016.  Investors are influenced by research they find on social media and its importance will grow as younger players inherit, work and look for opportunities to invest. According to Cogent Research of the 90% of high net worth people[…]