How should professionals in regulated industries use social media

I’m often asked how professionals can use content and social media effectively if they’re in regulated industries and there’s a simple answer, by being helpful. When you help someone, you put the focus on them, not you. This forms a relationship that strengthens as your advice is shown to be credible. The same principle applies[…]

Understanding time constrains helps you create better content

The average person now spends more time on technology and media than work and play. You may find it alarming or exciting, from a business perspective it means almost half of every day you can reach people through tech or media. There are other ways that remain important, but that’s the carve up of the[…]

Build your corporate story with strategic, stackable micro-content

We have 24 hours in a day, but 31 hours of activity. That’s because we are stacking activities, for example, listening to a podcast while we go for a run or watching videos while we cook dinner. This has fundamentally changed the way we consume content. Our audiences are time poor and as communicators, so[…]