5 practical ways to gain real social media skills

The social web continues to proliferate and impact every area of our lives creating a demand for social talent that will grow as organisations recognise the impact at every level of the business from Boards (which will want oversight on governance to manage market impacts for example) to marketing, customer service, and recruitment.

Right now there’s a skills gap that some have sought to fill by adding the words ‘social media’ to their CVs as if this could provide the insight, experience, or tactical skills needed to execute social strategy.

But social media is a skill that can be learned and it’s easy to gain the legitimate skills that will increase your confidence, your value, and put you in a better position to lead through digital change.

Although you can now do a social media degree (which demonstrates how mature it is) there are other, more practical ways to learn on the job that better suit busy professionals.

Here are 5 practical ways to learn it, for free.

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