November 30, 2019

About Sweetspot

‘The purpose of life, after all, is to live it, to taste experience to the utmost, to reach out eagerly and without fear for newer and richer experiences. Eleanor Roosevelt

Welcome to Sweetspot, a work in progress, an eight-week program for deep, luscious living.

We all want to live a deep, luscious life with purpose and meaning. Yet trying to do so within today’s demands makes that hard.

The world is highly interconnected and complex, and we are busy, busy, busy; many of us are using all our time and energy just to deal with daily responsibilities and the overwhelming amount of information coming at us. We’re out of bandwidth.

As a result, we can feel burned out, anxious, humourless or bored; as if life is a checklist of things to cross off rather than a rich, exciting and expansive experience.

Our work suffers.  Our relationships suffer.  Our imagination suffers. The well runs dry.

We wait for the perfect tomorrow, or next week or new year to start reigning things in and living differently, but that time never arrives.

Why? Because the world is not slowing down, it’s speeding up. And it’s only going to get faster.

Rather than finding a Sweetspot in all this busy-ness, we keep on trying to keep up, an impossible task.

What we need is a way of navigating complexity and responding to change from within this context, which is the new normal.

We need to reimagine the life we want and recreate the person we want to be based on what really fills us up, rather than what we think ‘should’ do the trick. It’s time to reclaim our right to assert what works for us, without having to explain or justify it to others.

Can you imagine going to bed each night feeling deeply satisfied? Replete even?

It’s possible, by activating the core principles of Sweetspot.

Living this way is living from the Sweetspot, and it feels – delicious.

So what stops us living from the Sweetspot?

Well, there’s –

  1. The myths we’ve bought into about who we are (what other people tell us we are or how they treat us)
  2. The myths we’ve bought into about what makes a sumptuous life (only money counts and if it can’t be monetised – like being a brilliant yet not famous violinist – it’s not valuable)
  3. Trying to keep up with everything and everyone that is coming at us (no filters)
  4. Not knowing how to do things differently (just not knowing how)
  5. Comparing ourselves to others rather than having meaningful yardsticks (constant, mindless, useless comparison)
  6. Not knowing what we want to create (usually as a result of being too tired).

To let go of old behaviours, you need expansive, inspirational, new insights that translate into habits, including a habit of seeing the world more consciously.

Any transformation starts with us, within, because it is internally held beliefs that filter and interpret inputs and go on to create external realities, along with external realities themselves.

I am not talking here about airy-fairy belief systems or positive and negative thoughts but the real patterns that form in our bodies, brains and environments and that influence what we pay attention to (and ignore), how we interpret the world (confirming or denying outtakes based on biases we’re not aware of), and the actions we take that become the future consequences that shape life (often unconsciously).

But we can change this.

We can learn to be aware of biases, reframe contexts, set up the environment to feed us differently.

We can consciously seek out views that counter ours, even if we don’t land up changing our minds, we will have a richer appreciation of differences.

That’s how you get to the Sweetspot.

And what helps us to find and live in the Sweetspot?

  1. Food for thought – investing in yourself, nourishing yourself with up to date information that probes deeply held beliefs, seeking out views that support and contradict yours for layering and nuance
  2. Talking a walk, feeding the well and giving thanks each day (the tools of the practice)
  3. Weekly workouts (exercises that help you transform the insights you gain into actions since information on its own is only a starting point)
  4. A kindness day.

The path to finding your Sweetspot

Sweetspot is much more than a book, the insights and tools form a practice. You don’t ‘just read it’ nor do you ‘do it once’. Practised consistently over the long-term, it will shift the trajectory of your life.

One of the reasons great efforts to create different futures fail is because we do not make change a daily practice. We think if we have a quick positive thought (let’s not mention the 10,000 negative ones that follow) that life mysteriously transforms into a fairytale, but it doesn’t work like that.

Sometimes we work through a robust process that reveals a lot we didn’t know. We learn but move straight onto to the next thing before applying the knowledge we have gained. We have achieved something, but not necessarily enough to manifest in a sustained way in our lives.

Growth cannot be accomplished in one session in the same way that you cannot get fit in one session, even if you have the best personal trainer in the world. A personal trainer guides you to maximise reward for effort. But you have got to show up, day in and day out.

Sweetspot is no different. If you commit, you will reap the benefits. As with a fitness program, some will be immediate, but the real and lasting change, the reshaping, comes over time. Just how much you get from what is on offer is up to you.

I’ll be bringing you synthesised insights from cutting edge research on what it means to be human, and the unfathomable multifariousness of human behaviour. These may disrupt your self-image (for example, if you’ve labelled yourself as a left or right-brained person you might be surprised to learn neuroscientists put that idea to bed a long time ago). Armed with new possibilities, I hope you re-evaluate limits you have unknowingly set for yourself and work the tools to release energy to pursue a vision of who you want to be.

If you would like to be part of the Sweetspot community, working through this program, please send me your email address below.

It’s wonderful to be in contact.