September 30, 2013



Jennifer Gersbeck, CEO Vision2020

Undoubtedly a leader in her field, as an Executive I have found Dionne’s advice and guidance on social media platforms and strategies invaluable. Her insights into what organisations need to know in order to survive and thrive assist business leaders to identify opportunities and meet the challenges arising from the continuously emerging social media economy

Gary Liddle, then CEO, VicRoads now Deputy Secretary, Department of Transport

Dionne joined VicRoads in 2006, transforming corporate affairs into an innovative and integrated function that has been recognised for a number of world-first digital initiatives. She is both creative and analytical, and has moved the organisation to digital media while continuing to deliver strategic business outcomes on a day-to-day basis through a geographically diverse team statewide.

Dionne is able to influence at all levels with an understanding of government, including at Ministerial and Cabinet level. VicRoads’ digital approach was commended by the Victorian Auditor General in his 2012 report into advertising as an example of best practice. Dionne has been an active contributor to the Corporate Management Group at VicRoads and is a strong leader that is prepared to tackle difficult issues. Gary Liddle, CEO VicRoads

Executive Director, State Government (Aboriginal Affairs)

Dionne is an enthusiastic leader who encourages you to think outside the square for innovative solutions to business and social problems. She is great at getting the right people around the table to think strategically about emerging issues with the aim of keeping you at the “cutting edge”. She is happy to challenge your thinking to strive for the best outcomes. Corinne Young, GAICD, Executive Director, Aboriginal Affairs

Executive Director, VicRoads

Dionne was responsible for taking VicRoads on an amazing communications and social media journey that positioned us at the forefront of communicating with our customers and stakeholders. Her understanding of the importance of flexible and mobile communications meant that we were able to provide critical information to Victorians and also listen to their needs and adjust our information accordingly.

Dionne’s leadership and empathy for what we were all trying to achieve made her a fantastic member of the executive team. She could not only see over the hill but over the mountains as well. Her ability to add the strategic challenge kept the team thinking , she could read the landscape and would make sure her people were supported to be their best in all situations. Judith Pettitt, Executive Director People Services and Internal Communications

General Manager, V/Line 

Dionne’s razor sharp media eye was crucial in V/Line’s role in Regional Fast Rail and Southern Cross Station Redevelopment, the State’s largest infrastructure projects at the time. Her instincts around issues management combined with her deep communication experience contributed to V/Line raising and maintaining a positive public profile. All achievements that deserve recommendation. Ursula McGinnes, General Manager, Stakeholder Relations, V/Line

Manager, Department of Innovation

Dionne is just breathtaking. So far ahead of everyone else without realising but in such an unassuming way. I love that she is happy to take everyone along for the ride. Dionne has a view of the world that is so much bigger than herself and is so refreshingGeorgie Hawkins, Manager, Department of Business and Innovation

Managing Director, Pourquoi

Dionne is one of those rare people who can range across several disciplines – from strategy and communications through to psychology and systems thinking – and synthesise insights in a way that makes sense. Life is increasingly complex, and leaders face heavy demands which create static that can cloud judgment and obscure fundamental issues. Dionne’s ability to help leaders cut through this static, to focus on what’s important in achieving their goals, is invaluable. Her understanding of the key trends reshaping the landscape, especially in the technology space, provides a context that’s essential to effective leadership, strategy and decision-making. Josie Gibson, Managing Director, Pourquoi

Senior International Business Development Manager

Dionne worked with the VicRoads team in Hanoi for World Bank’s Vietnam Road Safety Project for the B8.1 Component of Road User Education and Public Awareness program. The services included the technical assistances to the National Traffic Safety Committee (NTSC) Executive Office to develop a program of road user education and public awareness for road safety, and the research, design and production of related materials. Dionne’s expertise in Media and Communication was a great asset to the VicRoads team, and her contribution to the project was instrumental in our overall success in delivering the project. Atsany Buonowikarto, Senior International Business Development Manager, VicRoads International