February 18, 2018

Book Reviews

Book Reviewer, Janette Fuller – United States – 5 stars

This book explains exactly WHY your business needs social media. The time is NOW for leaders to start building their corporate and personal platforms. Executives need to learn how to engage on the basic platforms. Then they need to start raising digital and social expectations at the leadership level and across the business.

Ms. [Lew] has done an excellent job presenting information that business executives need to know and understand. Change is not easy but an investment in social media will pay huge dividends in the future. This book gets right to the important points….there is no fluff here. Read the book and be prepared to step into the future.

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President International Association of Business Communicators, Monika Lancucki – Australia – 5 stars

Short, sharp and punchy, Lew’s book is a compelling, empirically-based business case for joining the “social” discussion. It is just the tip of the iceberg rather than a comprehensive treatment of the subject – but as such is a useful tool for refuting the reservations of sceptics, freeing the way to embrace technologies which are already in use and opening up the way for those of the future. A must for anyone needing to convince leadership of the need to embrace “social”. It is the case for “why?” – what is now needed is the “how?”. Perhaps the next book?

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Contributor Huffington Post, Leadership Communications Consultant –  Kellie Cummings – United States – 4 stars 

“If this is where the world is showing up,” says Dionne Kaisan Lew, “then you need to be there, too.”With that same straightforward no-nonsense style, Dionne establishes a clear case for executive-level engagement in social media. This concise book offers an informed and evidence-based call-to-action for senior business leaders.

Based on data from well-respected research organizations and a survey of current business literature, The Social Executive demonstrates why companies without social executives will eventually become less competitive. I learned a great deal from reading it and feel confident others will, too.

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Director, Kaur Skills – Prabhjit Kaur – London and India – 5 stars

This is excellent reading; provides very tangible, well informed, and concise business rationale for organisations and C-Suite members, on the update of social media and growing presence.

The author establishes connected dialogue very early in the book; fully versed with social media and informed research on the uptake of social media strategy for businesses. A strong business case that no organisation can afford to ignore.

Fabulous personable approach, and valid points shared. This book clearly demonstrates the author’s commitment, passion and understanding of the practical challenges of adopting social media and supports a clear, informed and connected social media strategy.

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Grandarmy – Perth, Australia – 5 stars

Wow. Few books make you see things differently but this was one of them. I hadn’t stopped to think about what eight new people coming online a second meant for businesses who weren’t online, even though it seems obvious.

What I liked about this book was the way that it drew together the threads of information into something I could understand and apply to my real life. When you start thinking about LinkedIn as a cocktail party and signing up but not engaging on it like standing in the corner and not talking to anyone it’s a bit of ‘aha’.

Professionals will like this because it’s not about what hit went viral on YouTube but how social media is redefining the whole environment we operate in. Lots of food for thought here, highly recommend and the best thing is there’s no fluff – straight to the core information that matters. Works for me! Job, kids, etc….

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Director Media Tenor, Newsmaniac – Pretoria, South Africa – 5 stars

‘The Social Executive – Winning in the multi-trillion Social Economy’ by Dionne Kasian-Lew is indeed a must read for any executive or those advising executives. Comprehensive, compact and debunking all the existing myths most executives likely have about social media. It does not offer strategy, no solutions – but all you need to know,and the questions to ask those who execute on your behalf. And backed up by research, further reading and cases studies. My key take away: ‘social is about people, not technology’. Honestly, if executives still don’t get it after reading this book, they should not be in the position where they are.

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Gerard – London – 5 stars 

Packs a punch in less than 100 pages in the areas that count most for business. Focuses on the data and puts social media at the centre of strategy.

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Director, Pourquoi – Josie Gibson – 5 stars

Backed by ample research, Dionne Kasian-Lew makes a compelling case for all executives to take seriously this tectonic shift in how and why we do business. Organisations will ignore the social economy at their peril, she argues, not only because of its huge commercial opportunities, but because it embodies a radically new zeitgeist whose influence will shape future generations.

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General Manager, Defining Social – Graeme Moon – Australia – 5 stars

Dionne’s book is concise and pithy. An easily digestible companion full of well researched data points that make c-suite conversations meaningful and productive. I like the tackling of Social Media ROI, a lot of time is devoted to it and it appears an honest and authentic appraisal worth the price of the book alone. This is not a book about social media for the average consumer, this is about hard core business and the reasons why they must adapt and adopt or maybe perish. Looks well researched and overall a compelling argument for those willing to open their minds to the world of social.

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Actress and Writer – Nava Orbach – Israel – 5 stars

Written in a clear wise voice , this book might change your view on how things are done! Inspiring and thoughtful invite innovation in how to run dynamic PR in the net world

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Melinda Coyne – Melbourne, Australia – 5 stars

Dionne’s view is that social needs to be integral to the narrative of every executive’s approach and thinking. Her book helps even a newbie grasp the imperative to get social. Written in digestible bites, the book, like a thriller, is a page turner. The statistics she lists hurtle the reader forward with an urgent need to get on board the digital revolution or risk the possible cliff edge of career irrelevance.She draws from disparate fields of study to illustrate her point, such as the work of Kahneman who contends that our thinking contains error and bias. I think her summary of his research is insightful:

“Knowing we can be measurably wrong is important. It tells us in particular when dealing with new ways that we need to stop and look more closely at what’s in front of us. A willingness to do so is often at the heart of innovative leadership cultures.”

Perhaps social should also be a KPI at Board level. Could it also be a feature of annual reports in the emotional or cultural balance sheet.

Dionne’s book helps professionals like myself build a case for social that C-suite will connect with.

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