October 3, 2013

Is this you?

Even in business, I believe the most productive and successful relationships are based on chemistry. That chemistry stems from having a similar mindset, shared respect for one another’s goals and skills and an opportunity to create mutual benefit.

Today online and offline are entangled, meaning opportunities and issues emerge in either space. While leaders can expertly navigate complex organisational dynamics and stakeholder environments, many are reluctant to step into what is portrayed as the hostile Wild West, where they must learn how to occupy what John Hagel (Deloitte) calls influence points, which, amplified by network effects, create genuine authority.

Leaders can create significant strategic advantage for their organisations and themselves by being an identifiable, accessible and genuine authority.

Creating genuinely expert content shared through the right social media will grow your visibility and influence in local and global networks.  However, building audiences who are interested in what you have to say and who trust you takes time and comes from continually committing to and delivering on the promise you make. Like any successful and sustainable business strategy, it’s the long game.

I like to work with people who, wherever they are in their leadership journey, have genuine expertise, are self-motivated always-on learners, have a passion for being ‘best in class’ in their roles. Typically, they cringe at self-promotion but recognise the right kind of visibility online is essential for leadership. They step up to the plate and put themselves out there, taking responsibility for their actions and words and using expertise to help others, building goodwill and community in the process.

If this is you, then this is me.

I work one-on-one with a select number of clients to –

  • Identify and articulate their leadership purpose, or strategic influence point, also known as leadership or personal branding
  • Identify their key spheres of influence and specialisms, as a focus for the conversations they want to lead, participate in or follow
  • Create leadership content (video, audio, visual, written) based on their insights and expertise and manage its distribution through social media channels either by working closely with their corporate communications and social teams or on their behalves
  • Identify the right social media channels and teach them how to use them
  • Be the digital and social bridge between them and the online world, available to provide strategic advice or support or just answer questions

Please feel free to contact me if you believe we could be of mutual benefit to one another.