Art, creative judgement & shared human drives

Elitists put up barriers to entry to art.  They use alienating jargon to send outsiders a message that they’re not clever or worthy enough to get it. “Get it?”

But there are those who diminish art and people who love it because they don’t get it. They crumple it underfoot. Or say that it is purely subjective. “I like what I like.”

That part, about personal preference, can’t be refuted; but you can make creative judgements.

I may like blues and you pop but we can both hear when the singer is out of tune.

There is unaccomplished art. There is skilled composition & technique, intention. There is also great art that we neither like nor comprehend.

Ironically the common thread is that both camps:

  1. Are invested in being right.
  2. Want to keep those who are “not-like-me” out.
  3. Apply conviction to shut the other down.

And that points to a much deeper human drive.


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