Is lack of social media know-how in HR negligent?

It’s odd that some professionals wear a disinterest in social media as a badge of honour; given its ubiquity, understanding the business, governance and legal impacts should be a requirement.

Social media impacts the employment life cycle from pre-employment to recruitment, training and dismissal and every tier of business strategy from product development, marketing, sales and customer service.

According to Global Web Index, there are now over three billion internet and two billion social media users. Both internet penetration and social media use continues to rise, meaning current and future impacts must be understood.

Executives must set aside personal views of the value of social media and focus on educating business heads about the opportunities and risks of social media for which they are accountable.

Although there’s a lot of discussion about how to manage the disruptive impacts of technology and the emergence of non-traditional business models, the reality is that most companies still allocate accountability by business area.

Although the precise structure and names of C-suite positions vary, general areas of responsibility within most organisations are similar.

This is the first in a series of articles designed to support decision-makers with actionable insights on emerging social media issues in their area and to increase social media know-how across the board.

The chief human resources officer (CHRO).

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