It’s Official – This Week In Social Media 15 July 2019

Your weekly summary of official social media news from Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and Google.

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Inclusion and Diversity Report 2019

Last week Facebook released its Diversity Report, which takes a look at how the company is progressing on its diversity and inclusion measures.

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Understand Why You’re Seeing Certain Ads and How You Can Adjust Your Ad Experience

Facebook has also introduced updates to Ad Preferences that show advertisers and businesses who uploaded a list with your information and advertised or shared to it.

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Twitter Engineering Apprenticeship

Twitter has launched the Twitter Engineering Apprenticeship Program through which it hopes to grow a technical workforce of next-generation leaders from non-traditional backgrounds like coding bootcamps, self-taught coders, veterans, caregivers returning to the workforce, etc. and those underrepresented in tech. Participants go through a one-year rotation program with full-time employment benefits, joining one of its engineering teams after graduation. @MichaelMontano and Dalana Brand @d_lux_brand.

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Taking the high road: the power of purpose driven stances

@lizkannenburg and @kimwu share their insights on the thorny issue of purpose-driven stances for brands and Twitter’s role as the largest searchable collection of human thought and longest-running focus group ever created, bots and fake accounts aside of course. Case studies from Patagonia, Nike and Axe and tips from Sprout Social on the questions brands should be asking themselves to determine if this is the path for them.

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Out of Office

A piece on the importance of vacations.

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As usual, there’s heaps on the Google blog.

To reduce plastic waste in Indonesia, one startup turns to AI

In Indonesia startup Gringgo created a waste management app that allows waste workers to track the amount and type of waste they collect by suggesting a more organized route, and manually quantify their collections and earning potential. Within a year of launching the apps, they were able to improve recycling rates by 35 percent in a pilot village in Bali.  They also launched an app for the public, connecting people with waste collection services for their homes.

Now Gringgo is working with Google to build an image recognition tool to allow waste workers to better analyse and classify waste items and quantify their value

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Google for Mexico

Grow with Google has trained more than 11,000 people to develop digital skills. Google has also launched other digital training projects like Digital GaragePrimer and Women Will, among other initiatives.

Additionally, a Google IT Support Professional Certificate, developed by Google and hosted on Coursera, will be translated into Spanish. is also giving a  $1.1 million USD grant to the International Youth Foundation to offer scholarships to 1,000 young Mexicans, to ensure that underrepresented communities have supported and free access to the course.

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Google Translate

Google Translate allows you to communicate in different languages. The Google Translate mobile app is instant camera translation that allows you to see the world in your language by just pointing your camera lens at the foreign text. It works even when you’re not connected to Wi-Fi or using cellular data. This is impressive. Read the full story to see all features.

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How AI could shape the future of journalism

From the New York Times using artificial intelligence to find untold stories in millions of archived photos, to Trint using voice recognition to transcribe interviews in multiple languages, journalists around the world are applying AI in new and varied ways. When faced with financial, ethical and editorial questions around how the use of AI could impact their work, modern news organizations are exploring a wide variety of approaches to bring these new technologies to their newsrooms.

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More information about our processes to safeguard speech data

Google outlines how it is reacting to a violation of data security policies by one of its language reviewers.

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Ask a Techspert: how does Wi-Fi actually work?

An expert explains how Wi-Fi works, why it can be slow or work better in some parts of the house. With some Google innovations listed, of course.

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