June 23, 2015

Speaking testimonials

“Dionne opened our eyes … she has enormous charisma and gravity.” Chair, International Association of Business Communicators

“Flawless. Fantastic. Greater presenter could have listened to her all day.” Liquid Learning

“Dionne is just breathtaking. So far ahead of everyone else without realising but in such an unassuming way.” Department of Business and Innovation

Carolyn Hyams, Marketing Manager, Aquent Global

I’ve heard Dionne Lew speak at events a number of times and I am always mesmerised by her ability to capture an audience’s attention. I recently saw her speak at the Social Media Risk & Reputation Management Forum and prior to that we invited Dionne to speak at our Digitalks events both in Sydney and Melbourne. Not only is she incredibly articulate and engaging, but her depth of knowledge in the areas of social media for executives and leaders and everything relating to social strategy is incredible. Everything she presents on is backed up by facts and case studies which really helps the audience to digest the content, get inspired and leave with some practical strategies to bring back their business.

Bronwyn Evans, PhD, FIEAust, FTSE, CEO Standards Australia

I engaged Dionne Lew to present to the Standards Australia Board on the impact of emerging digital and social media issues for business strategy and governance. She’s a compelling speaker and her incisive thinking and deep understanding of the impact of these mega-trends on business was fascinating.

Dionne managed to lay out the global context, economic impacts, emerging economies and legal board and executive responsibilities clearly and by demonstrating their specific relevance to our business.  She really understands the executive context. Thoroughly enjoyable and highly recommended

Keynote: International Association of Business Communicators (IABC), February 2013, Melbourne

Dionne opened our eyes to key social and digital issues in the hyper connected era and the impact they are having on businesses across the globe. Importantly, she talked about what corporate affairs professionals could to do to influence changes within their organizations and their critical role in leadership. Dionne has enormous charisma and gravity. I’d love to see more of her presentations. Chair, IABC Victoria

Communicating Complex Information Conference, February 2013, Melbourne, Delegate comments via Lorna Nolan, Liquid Learning:

  • Flawless
  • Fantastic and great to know there are resources on the website
  • I really enjoyed this session and found this very relevant
  • Good discussion and Q&A
  • Great presenter, could have listened to her all day
  • Fantastic, could have had much more where that came from
  • All I wanted was more time as so many aspects that could have spoken more about

Thought Leadership Roundtable, October 2012, Melbourne

Dionne is just breathtaking. So far ahead of everyone else without realising but in such an unassuming way. I love that she is happy to take everyone along for the ride. Dionne has a view of the world that is so much bigger than herself and is so refreshing. Georgie Hawkins, Manager, Department of Business and Innovation

Glen Frost, Managing Director, Frocomm Media Australia

Dionne spoke at a number of Frocomm conferences and events between 2009-2011. An incisive and highly professional speaker, she is undoubtedly an authority in her field and has a deep understanding of the corporate mindset. Dionne successfully led social media strategy in conservative organisations and this really stands out in her presentations, especially in her knowledge around crisis and governance issues. Dionne is well researched, well prepared, professional, engaging, great on stage, and fantastic with the delegate Q&A. Glen Frost, Managing Director, Frocomm Media Australia, December 18, 2012

The 4th Annual National Public Sector Communications Officers Conference 2012 Comments from audience feedback via Lorna Nolan  

  • Awesome case studies and presentation. Absolutely top notch!
  • Very entertaining videos used to showcase and support communication expenses. Excellent speaker.
  • Great. Am appreciative that Dionne shared failures as well as successes.
  • Fabulous presentation. Engaging great examples. Lots of lessons shared.
  • Very interesting/innovative and use of videos to demonstrate presentation points.

Community Engagement, Criterion Conferences, October 2012, Sydney 

Dionne was a clear and confident speaker who set a really interesting, leading-edge agenda and engaged delegates for the entirety of her presentation. We would happily have Dionne back anytime. Isabella Manuell, Criterion Conferences

Rachael Edginton, Managing Director, Plum Co

Dionne is an engaging speaker and has the rare ability to communicate complex information in way that is entertaining and accessible. She is a thought leader across a number of disciplines but especially in digital and social media where she has an unsurpassed track record in pushing boundaries to accomplish extraordinary results.

I have had the pleasure of watching her deliver many enlightening presentations over the years and recently engaged her to share her powerful strategies for online community engagement. Her presentation was extremely well prepared and appropriately targeted, guiding participants through the maze that is social media and its relationship to community engagement. Rachael Edginton, Managing Director, Plum Co

Corporate Communications via Interactive Media, Ark Group Asia, August 2011, Melbourne
Comments from audience feedback via Rachael Wheldall

  • This was fantastic and inspiring.
  • Excellent presenter. Loved hearing insights and Q&A at the end.
  • Excellent presentation. Valuable insight into using humour to communicate a serious issue.

Clever Corporate Communication, Ark Group Asia, August 2010, Melbourne
Comments from audience feedback via Rachael Wheldall

  • What a fabulous vision for the possibility to improve interaction when there’s no alternate service provider, very engaging.
  • Excellent presentation. Valuable insight into using humour to communicate a serious issue.
  • Honest, enthusiastic and informative.

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